The gingerbread finds its nobility in recent years, especially in French gastronomy. It accompanies cheeses and meats, foie gras (fresh or pan-fried) and gourmet desserts (baked apples, crumbles, ice cream ...)

Currently, the bread is manufactured in an industrial manner, or as an artisanal one; the Toussaint House.

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of the Maison Toussaint


Corinne TOUSSAINT joined the company of her husband, Pascal TOUSSAINT in 2006: a company which then counts 3 artisanal bakeries, in Dijon and Dole. The company becomes independent and Corinne creates the sign "Le Pétrin Toussaint" in the color of ripe wheats and sun, yellow. The same year she alternates between CAP 'Boulanger' to "know what we are talking about, and apprehend new recipes". Thus new breads are born: spelled bread, tomato and basil bread, autumn bread with hazelnuts and soft apricot.

Together, they open 3 new bakeries in Dijon region.

Pascal, for his part, developed in 2005 the "Toussaint gingerbread" which won its first medal in Dijon in 2007, then a gold medal in 2008: voted best Dijon gingerbread. Faced with local competition and its abuses, Toussaint are forced to change their name: thus was born the famous 'sponge cake Toussaint', more mellow and honeyed than a traditional gingerbread.
It is in 2009 that the promotion of the "Toussaint spice cake" is done outside perimeter Dijon, during a cheese festival and terroir in Savoie. Faced with the success of the product, a local trader asks to sell it in his own store. It's the starting point ! Les Toussaint buys their first packaging machine, a new oven and Corinne starts prospecting new customers in Paris: cheese makers, delicatessens, roasters …

Corinne Toussaint introduces the sponge cake Toussaint, everywhere in France and in 2010 it is internationally: Spain first of all where gingerbread is a completely unknown cake, Belgium, in 2010 Canada and England, and in 2013 in Switzerland and Singapore.

The mails arrive from the 4 corners of France and abroad, encouraging TOUSSAINT to continue.

Gastronome and gourmet, she likes to share and listen to the chefs who are customers of the bakery ... In 2013 a new recipe is developed to combine the flavors of "Gingerbread Toussaint" with cheeses: Croque-monsieur Comté, millefeuille with fruits of autumn and blue of Auvergne ... and also of the entry with the dessert: marbled of foie gras, charlotte of gingerbread Toussaint with Valençay, crème brûlée or the tiramisu revisited.

Regional Star Chefs (Romuald FASSENET, Cédric BURTIN and Cécile SAGORY) collaborate on the production and launch of the HORECA spice cake (760g) dedicated to Chefs and Caterers for the elaboration of new gastronomic recipes, appetizers , and also applications in the kitchen: toast, cube, stick, breadcrumbs, tile…

The sponge cake Toussaint is spotted by 'GAULT & MILLAU magazine', the gastronomic magazines 'Régal' and 'Saveurs' reserve an article for him, it is referenced in the guide CHAMPERARD in 2009 and in 2013 in the BOTTIN GOURMAND, thanks to Eric PRAS ( 3 *** Michelin located in Chagny

In parallel with her commercial activity, Corinne Toussaint is pursuing the development of new recipes, and it is the sponge cake Toussaint with AOC walnuts of Isère which is born. The walnuts are selected from a Grenoble harvest (the nut reference), and the kernels are then worked in the production workshop: roasted and integrated into the dough; the recipe is a sensation even around a cheese (epoisses, gorgonzola for example).
Then come the 'Toussaint spice cake' with candied oranges, fruits selected for their taste flavor from a producer who works the fruit from harvest to confection.
Corinne starts to create, with her pastry coach, her own biscuit recipes, from wheat flour BIO, without coloring or preservative: Les Bons Sablés which counts at first 3 varieties:

•   Les Bons Sablés nature, good butter, with a small pin of Vendée salt bought from a producer of the Bay of Noirmoutier.

•   Dark Chocolate Shortbread (62%) selected from Valrhona House.

•   And the unique Good Sablés with rosemary and parmesan, sweet salty to taste with a fruity white wine or a wine of walnut, or to accompany a salad of strawberry or a lemon sorbet.

The manufacturing space then integrated into one of the bakery's bakeries, is quickly too narrow and it is time to think of a workshop. Corinne's wish: to be in the country, to be able to cultivate hazelnuts and rosemary.

Corinne Toussaint leaves the bakeries in 2013 to devote herself to her new company: the TOUSSAINT HOUSE. Random of a discussion with a friend to whom she entrusts his search for a site, she discovers the village of ARCELOT, 12km from Dijon, and its 18th century castle: it's love at first sight !
The construction of the workshop will be finalized in June 2014, and the Boutique opened to the public at the end of August the same year. Since May 2016 the space 'tea room' is also open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon
MAISON TOUSSAINT now manufactures a good range of "BonSablés" which today include 5 varieties: nature, rosemary and parmesan, dark chocolate, caramel and a nod to its origins in the North: The homemade speculoos. As well as new specialties: the EFTI coffee, the 'ARCELOTTES' fine meringue with gingerbread and many others …

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